Melody Gardot - Preacherman

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Inspired by the tragic true story of Emmett Till who was killed in a racially motivated murder in 1955. This is a music video for Melody Gardot's single; PREACHERMAN.

directed by Calum Macdiarmid, produced by Jonathon Ker / Great Guns

Shot over 4 days in the Mississippi Delta the film features performances from local characters and an appearance from Emmett Till's cousin (the woman who puts her had up to the glass at the end) Shot on the Red Dragon with anamorphic Kowa lenses.

Artist: Melody Gardot
Title: Preacherman
Record Label: Decca Records
Video Commissioner: Cynthia Lole
Marketing Manager: Gavin Bayliss
Director: Calum Macdiarmid
Production Company: Great Guns
Founder: Laura Gregory
Music Video Rep: Randi Wilens @ RW
Executive Producer: Annie Hanlon & Sheridan Thomas
Producer: Jonathon Ker & Tim Francis
Line Producer: Amile Wilson
Production Assistant:
Director of Photography: Sy Turnball
Editor: James Demetriou
Telecine: Matt Hare
Post Production: Glassworks
Sound Design: Dugal Macdiarmid @ Wave

Tags: 1955 america anamorphic B/W black and white boy Calum Macdiarmid cotton fields death deep south